Swim for Africa began in 2010 as a one time fundraiser to support children in Athi River, Kenya. It is called, "Swim for Africa" because the fundraiser was a 21 mile swim across Lake Tahoe, where the sisters grew up. Due to the success of the first fundraiser, the three sisters made it a priority to raise funds each year to help send kids to school. For the past 6 years, Swim for Africa has been able to raise enough funds to continually sponsor children in need. Whether through comunity events, working extra jobs or the generosity of friends and family, Swim for Africa has been a strong hold for the children of Athi River. Now, after the youngest sister recently visited the village and saw the progress of the kids first hand, Swim for Africa is hoping to branch out and form more partnerships, looking for long term sponsors for the kids.


Gentrix Baraza is an amazing woman and Swim for Africa would not be possible without her help. Gentrix is our main partner in informing us which kids in the Athi River community need assistance. Almost like a social worker, Gentrix has a relationship with all the families in her community and she informs us on the progress of the kids through updates. The picture to the left is of her and her family with Michelle in 2016. Gentrix and her husband are employee's of Youth With A Mission, the Christian organization that originally brought Sophia (the oldest sister) to Athi River in 2009.  Click below to watch Sophia's video about the village and the kids from 2010, the first year Swim for Africa was born.


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