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Athi River Kindergarten through 1st grade

 Muoki in his first year of sponsorship, 2009 

 Chris, 2009, inspired the start of SFA

1.  What kind of sponsors is Swim For Africa looking for?

We are looking for long term sponsors. People who can commit to sponsoring that child throughout their entire education. This is usually no less than a 5 year commitment. 

2.  How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

We will match you specifically to a child based on the finacial commitment you are able to make. Depending on what level of education your specific child is at in their schooling, here is a rough break down of sponsorship fee's.

Pre-school is around $25 a month. Primary level education lasts 8 years and is $30 a month for a local government primary school. Secondary school ranges depending on the students scores when exiting Primary school. Secondary school can be $65 a month for a provincial school, $50 a month to attend a district boarding school or $25 a month for a local government school. Many kids in Athi River have to drop out of school during their Primary level because they cannot afford the fee's or are not able to attend secondary level because of the increase in fee's. These kids can be as young as 12. For these kids, they need to attend polytechnic schooling in order to increase their level of education so that they can attend secondary level education. Polytechnic school is $35 a month.


3.  Are their payment plans?

You can pay monthly or as a lump sum. Whichever option is easiest and most convenient for you. 

4.  Can I choose what child I sponsor?

There are many factors that go into matching a child with a sponsor, especially when we are looking for long term sponsors so, once you contact us to let us know you're interested in sponsoring a child, we will ask you a few questions to determine how many years you can commit to sponsoring your child. We will then contact our partner Gentrix and she will match a child with you.  Since we believe in long term sponsorships, our partner Gentrix has first hand knowledge of the kids and families so she can make the best decision for a long term partnership between you and your child. 

5.  How much communication from my child should I expect throughout the year?

We send out two emails per year. One in November, after all sponsorship monies are sent and we receive confirmation from Gentrix and another in April as a follow-up with information on how your child is doing. If you would like more communication we are happy to contact our partner Gentrix to see how your child is doing upon request however, please bare in mind that it sometimes takes days for a response as our families live (sometimes more than a days walk) far away and there is one camera and one computer Gentrix has accress to for communication.

6.  If I become a sponsor, does all my sponsorship money go directly to my child?

Absolutely. When we match you with a child, we let you know exactly how much your child needs. That money goes directly to your child and nowhere else. 100% of all donations goes to Athi River and the kids we sponsor. 100% of your sponsorship fees go to your specific child.

7.  I can't commit to sponsoring a child. Is there another way I can help?

Yes. You can make a donation (click here) or read about our projects below. 100% of all donations go to the Swim For Africa educational fund. If you can't make a donation but still want to help, be a vital person in helping us spread the word about the Swim For Africa fund and the kids of Athi River who need us. Post our link on facebook. 

8.  I would like to make the commitment to become a sponsor. What's the next step?

E-mail Tiffany at or contact us via the form below. Let her know that you are interested. She will have a few questions for you so she can provide the correct information to Gentrix and we will match you with you child. Even if you would like to know more information before you decide, Tiffany can answer all your questions.

E-mail Tiffany at or click 'contact us'. Let her know that you are interested. She will have a few questions for you so she can provide the correct information to Gentrix and we will match you with a child. If you would like to know more information before diving into sponsorship, Tiffany can answer all your questions.


It only takes an average of $1(USD) a day to support a child at Athi River, Kenya.

Most of our children live in loving homes with a single parent or grandparent. At this time, it is difficult to find jobs with enough wages to feed their families consistently,  let alone send them to school.  Education for these youths gives them access to opportunities that can better their quality of life and access to resources that might help them engage and lift up the community around them.  

You can have a direct impact on a child's life by sponsoring their education. Provide for an education and help break the cycle of poverty.


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