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Athi River

Summer 2020

Our Athi River Community has been affected three fold this year. Covid-19, Floods, and locusts have brought a challenge for education and food security to East Africa's already vulnerable communities. 

     "It's been a challenge for many people at the moment to put food on the table as many people have lost jobs. Even casual jobs are no more. For the case of mama Robert, (who's son we've sponsored for education these ten years) who depends on selling dry wood to hotels, the house rent and food supply has not been easy. Most of the families have one meal per day or forego without food for some days. These families need some help if possible."

~Gentrix Baraza

A little goes a long way. Upon hearing of the current conditions in Athi River one of our sponsors donated $400.00 toward nutrition provisions in the community. 

The provisions were divided to feed 10 families, some given an amount of the country's staple food, ugali, lasting up to three months. 

 "Tell her that we are very grateful. Since you started sponsoring us up-to-date we are very grateful indeed. We pray that the Lord will keep you alive and may He also add you more years. Say 'hi' to Michelle who visited recently. Muoki is really grown. Thanks a lot."


Translation of Grandma of Muoki by Gentrix,

If you feel compelled to help provide for the families afflicted by this year's unprecedented conditions. Please contact us and let us know what you'd like to do.  

Pictured: Daniel, a high school student who has been sponsored since grade school receives three months supply of food.

Pictured: Secondary School students, Chris and Ruth, home from school due to social distancing for covid-19.

Thank you for wanting to be informed of what is happening on the ground in Athi River. 

Please keep our community in your prayers.

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