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Athi River

            “I am only one,

                       but still I am one.


  I cannot do everything,

but still I can do something;

and because I cannot do everything,


I will not refuse to do

something that I can do.”

                            ~Helen Keller



Pictured: Phillip, a graduate from the program, with his sister, Teresa

Pictured: Phillip and Teresa Baraza

Athi River

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Who We Are

Swim for Africa began when three sisters, who, overwhelmed by the needs of so many they met globally, decided that though they could not solve all the problems they encountered, they would dedicate themselves to taking a single step. They began to pray and purposefully put their minds to helping one community that already lay heavily on their hearts, Athi River, Kenya.


Dreaming big and starting small. Swim for Africa is a non-profit registered charity, dedicated to making a change by empowering children through education. Since its inception in 2010, Swim for Africa has become a full fledged child sponsorship program solely dependent on donations and individual partnerships. The Carter sisters volunteer their time and donate the overhead expenses for their endeavour so that 100% of all donations and child sponsor fee's can be sent to the children of Athi River, Kenya. Swim for Africa sponsors and donors have been able to send many youths to school who would not have been able to attend without help. 

Pictured: Gentrix with Athi River family members including Muoki and his grandmother


We are a nonprofit, registered charity looking for people who want to get involved, purposing to provide access to education and nutrition

for youths world-wide,

one community at a time.

Help our children find a path out of poverty

We volunteer our time and are glad to have others come alongside us. We welcome new creative ideas, wisdom from other's experience, and the initiative of those desiring to get involved and help us reach more youths in Athi River. Please share with us more about yourself and what's on your heart and mind!

Get Involved

Pictured: Sister and nieces of Samuel, our first graduate from the program


It only takes an average of $1(USD) a day to support a child at Athi River, Kenya.

Most of our children live in loving homes with a single parent or grandparent. At this time, it is difficult for care takers to find jobs with enough wages to feed their families consistently,  let alone send them to school.  Education for these youths gives them access to opportunities that can better their quality of life and access to resources that might help them engage and lift up their families and the community around them.  

You can have a direct impact on a child's life by sponsoring their education. Provide for an education and help break the cycle of poverty.


Pictured: Muoki, a funded student from 5yrs old is now two years shy  of graduating highschool. (pictured at 11yrs) 

“Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.”

~Mother Teresa

FundRaiser Summer 2020!

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