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Mama's In Need


Mama's In Need is a new project for Swim For Africa. There are a few single Mama's near the Athi River village that show great promise and a willingness to work hard however, the jobs they have now do not provide enough for them to care for their familes. For example, you may have read about Paul's grandmother in his bio on the Our Kids page. She has asbestos poisoning from breaking rock to sell which is how she provides for Paul and herself. Now, while she is recovering, Paul is breaking that same rock. We don't want Paul or his Grandmother to be put in harms way in order to provide for themselves. Mama's In Need is a project to help Mama's like Paul's Grandmother find another source of income.

In talking with Gentrix, she has come up with the idea to start a used clothing store business. Mama Robert has had her heart set on this for awhile but has been unable to save enough money to start the business. Gentrix aslo mentioned Mwoki's Grandmother looking for a new trade as well. The capitol we would need to start a used clothing business is $200USD per Mama. This will provide them with a good, well stocked store where they can make a decent profit. We are looking for someone who would be willing to head up this project. Maybe you are a single mother yourself? or you simply have a desire to help these women. If you would like to donate to this cause OR if you believe you can lead this project please contact us.

Paul's Grandmother
Muoki's Grandmother
Robert's Mother

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